Why can't I create a new challenge?

Not all Spar Pickles can create and host challenges. In effort to keep the Spar community both safe and the experience positive, we enforce a small set of minimum requirements we believe are essential.

To create a new challenge you must:

  • ....have successfully completed at least one challenge, from start to finish, without a payment issue.
  • ...have configured, valid, chargeable, and assigned default payment method at time of creation.
  • ...have no outstanding unpaid invoices

In rare occurrences, the following events will result in a permanent  limitation or account ban:

Joining a hidden challenge that completes successfully, where any other player in the challenge files a charge back, without first contacting Spar customer support. All participating players in the challenge will be disabled from creating future challenges.  Before inviting friends or participating in a hidden challenge, ensure you know and trust all other players or you may risk account suspension.

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