Can I quit a challenge already in progress?


SPAR! now creates rounds of each challenge which allows challenges to go on even if the host decides they no longer want to partake in it. If you are the host of the challenge, you will need to promote another user as a host before you can leave the challenge. If you aren't sure who to ask, please reach out to us at


Yes. You can leave a challenge penalty-free on the first day. After that, you can quit by selecting "Give up" and paying a flat $20 fee (goes to SPAR!) in addition to any incurred penalties (goes into the pot).

How can I leave a challenge?

To leave a challenge you have joined, penalty free, within in the first day of the challenge, swipe up and tap "Leave Challenge" 

How can I Give up?

Swipe up on the challenge page and tap, "Give up"

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