Is there a limit to the number of challenges you can be in at once?

Challenge Limits

New users who have not completed a challenge from start to finish are limited to joining only a small number of simultaneous challenges at once. After successfully completing at least one Spar challenge, this limit will immediately be raised. As you continue to use Spar, this number may or may not increase depending on your historical usage. 

Any attempts to knowingly bypass this limit is grounds for account suspension. 

Why does this limit exist?

We want everyone to have a positive challenge experience on Spar. We have found that many inexperienced players can easily end up in over their head, which usually requires direct intervention from Spar staff to remove these players from challenges while underwriting their misses. Although we love the ambition, we also understand how difficult it is to actively participate in a large number of challenges at once. It's frustrating for players when a challenge creator is absent from their own challenges, and equally so for challenge creators and other players when Spar is required to intervene.

Life emergencies

Sometimes life happens. For users that unexpectedly find themselves in an emergency situation, our customer support team wants to be confident that we can react quickly and reduce any unnecessary burden.  This becomes exponentially more difficult to support by the number concurrent simultaneous challenges a player is participating in.  Although rare, these situations can often be very personal. In order to protect your privacy, this often requires us to take action without offering details to other players, which is understandably frustrating for the rest of the community. 

Minimizing fraud/risk

Spar makes sure anyone joining a challenge hаs a valid and working payment method. It is possible for a user to simultaneously join many long running challenges at once, only to cancel or block their card before their challenge ends, intentionally defaulting on all remaining challenges.  This is also why we encourage hosts to create challenges no longer than two weeks long. Shorter challenges help the rest of the community by identifying users that left penalties uncollectible and allows spar to automatically kick players from future challenges.

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