What makes for a good Spar challenge?

What makes a great Spar challenge?

  • No longer than two weeks
  • A penalty greater than $0 but smaller than $25
  • A pitch video from the challenge creator that explains what the challenge is about and what players can expect
  • Challenge rules filled out that explain what you as a challenge creator expect from participants 
  • Daily challenges 
  • Multiple cohosts assigned to help manage the challenge

Why are weekly challenges considered more advanced?

Difficult to keep track

Weekly period for a challenge begins when the challenge creator starts the challenge, not a traditional calendar period Monday to Sunday. 

Advanced challenge rules 

Weekly challenges often require more advanced settings and introduce ambiguity. For example, if you created "Run three times a week", are players allowed to check-in three times on the last day of the weekly period? It is up to the challenge creator to set a max number of check-ins per day for weekly challenges that fit appropriately with the context of the challenge. 

Confusion about penalties

Many users who are new to weekly challenges, assume the penalty is the maximum liability they could be on the hook for a week, when it is actually Number of Weeks X Number of Checkins a week X Penalty

Spar rewards great challenge creators

In order to maximize the experience for all of our users, we promote those challenges that we think will lead to a great and positive experience on Spar. If you're creating a public challenge, Spar will distribute and place your challenge in the explore feed and generally help you find new players to join your challenge. 

It is also important to note, that Spar will prevent users who have not completed any Spar challenges successfully, from being able to join your challenge. SEE: Why can't I join a challenge longer than one month?

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