Joining a challenge? Everything you need to know

Know what you are getting yourself into

  1. Watch the challenge description video to see what is expected of you and the reason for the challenge
  2. Read through the rules. Challenge hosts will list everything you need to successfully submit a check in. Pay close attention to cut off times, max check ins per day, and what is deemed an acceptable check in.
  3. Look through all the challenge settings: Is it a daily challenge or a weekly challenge, how many times can you check in per day, what is the penalty, etc.
  4. Ask any of the hosts for clarifications or questions you may have before joining

Ready to join?

  1. When you enter into a challenge, you are fully responsible for any misses that you incur, whether that is planned or unplanned. If you know you are going to be traveling, you will need to plan ahead. If you get sick, you are still responsible to complete your challenge and are on the hook for any misses that you incur. Please do not join a challenge if you do not intend on completing it.
  2. Whenever a player joins a challenge, SPAR! charges a $1 authorization fee. Don’t worry this fee gets refunded immediately after your credit card or bank approves the charge. This fee helps us make sure that anyone joining a challenge is using a valid card and is able to pay for any missed check-ins they accumulate.
  3. Challenges begin at 3am the day after the creator hits start. This ensures everyone has time to complete the first check-in, with no unfair surprises. *Note: The default SPAR! day begins at 3am and ends at 2:59am unless a host explicitly sets a custom cut off time . 
  4. Make sure you have push notifications enabled. You can always change your push settings as you go if you find that you are receiving too many.
  5. Penalties and misses are calculated depending on the timezone where you use SPAR! If you usually use SPAR! in PST, your penalties will be calculated in PST until we can update on your timezone. To update your timezone, simply open the app when you arrive at your new destination.
  6. There’s no shame in tossing in the towel. If you can’t complete the challenge, make sure to “Give Up” before you continue to incur additional penalty fees. Note: When you “Give up” you incur a $20 penalty that gets put into the pot for the other participants to compete for. 

Mistakes happen. If you find yourself in an unexpected situation, the best thing you can do is contact us at We want to help our users succeed on Spar. We want your experience on spar to be rewarding and enjoyable first experience

Is this your first challenge?

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