How do I find new challenges to join?

Spar hosted challenges

If you're new to Spar, we recommend checking out our Explore feed. You will see a list and video description of all changes that are available for you to join. Rules and expectations for each challenge can be found within the challenge descriptions. If you don't have any friends on Spar, this is the perfect opportunity to get your feet wet and introduce yourself to the community. 

Follow interesting people

Spar curates challenges by the people you follow on Spar. The more people you follow on Spar, the more challenges you will have the opportunity to join. We recommend following users that have similar interests to your own, or challenge creators that have ran challenges you enjoyed participating in. When you follow a user, anytime they create a new challenge or join a challenge these actions will now surface in your activities and their challenges will appear in your "Join a challenge" page!

Create your own challenge

If you still can't find a challenge that interests you, create your own! Although we recommend joining someone else's challenge to first get a feel for how everything works, you can always create your own and invite your friends. If you're still having trouble send us an email and we'll join your challenge! You just have to promise to take it easy on us.  

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