Why can't I join a some challenges?

Any user who has not completed at least one challenge successfully, is not allowed to join challenges that are excessively long. These limits differ depending if the challenge is weekly or daily.  For users who have never used Spar before, long challenges are usually not a great place to start, as new players do not yet fully understand how challenges work. These challenges are predatory in nature and our data shows that new users joining long challenges are responsible for 80% of all penalties. We feel very strongly that this policy is fair and reasonable. 

For challenge creators, we strongly encourage creating challenges no longer than 2 weeks, as you can always quickly extend the challenge another two weeks once the first challenge is over, without changing the context of most goals.

If you have created a challenge longer than 2 weeks and you are trying to invite new users to your challenge, these new users will need to have at least completed one challenge or you will need to modify your challenge duration in order for new users to be able to participate. 

Spar reserves the right to modify these policies at anytime in order to offer the best possible experience for all of our users. We encourage challenge creators to follow the guidelines here: What makes for a good Spar challenge?


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