Why was I removed from my challenge?

The most common reason for being removed early from a challenge is not having a chargeable payment method. This requirement is not just true at the time of joining, but throughout the life of the entire challenge. 

Pending challenges

For challenge rounds that have not yet started, players who cannot cover past, current, or future penalties will automatically be removed. The player will continue to be removed until their status is back in good standing. 

Note: There are perfectly normal scenarios where your account may go into bad standing. This includes lost or stolen cards, expiring cards, emergencies, etc.  More serious scenarios include players who have left previous completed rounds unpaid and are now attempting to join new rounds.   

Active challenges

 For challenges that are active, players who do not resolve the issue within a reasonable amount of time will be automatically marked as lost, and will no longer be able to participate in the rest of the round.  This is true for all the following cases 

- The player is a host of the community

- The player created the community

- The player currently is the winner and/or has zero misses.

In order to offer the best possible experience to our community, players who fail to keep their account in good standing forfeit their ability to participate in all future and current rounds. 

Removed by any community's host

Any group host can remove another player while the challenge round in question is in a pending or scheduled state. 

By request, outside your control

If an individual player, for whatever reason, including technical and non technical issues that are unique to the reporting player, cannot complete the challenge, the player forfeits all present and future outcomes of an active challenge.  

Example:  A player is on day 41 of 46 of a challenge and is currently the sole winner of a $1,000.  The subject player gets their phone stolen on day 41 of the challenge and doesn't think they will get replacement phone for another week.  In order to prevent penalties from piling up, and to remain fair for the rest of the players still actively checking in, the player removed by customer support also forfeits any future claims to that round.

High risk accounts with two or more misses (Early automatic loss)

Players with little to no account history that join a challenge and receive two consecutive misses will be automatically marked as lost. This is exactly the same mechanic as Can I quit a challenge already in progress?, just without the fee. New users that end up in this situation usually indicates a serious issue, confusion, or they have deleted the app and never coming back, which typical means hundreds of dollars worth of penalties that will certainly default. Getting out ahead of these situations early make for a much better experience for everyone involved. 

SparBot will only enforce this for players that have never successfully completed a public challenge, N/A for everyone else. We do recommend players and hosts reach out to us if it seems like another member might be in distress. This allows support to be proactive and intervene when applicable.  

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